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Avanti Existing Site Sign In

SITE SIGN IN - Step 1 of 5
(company you work for):
1. Approved safety hard hats and boots must be worn when instructed or as outlined within your SSMP or SWMS.
2. Special protective clothing / equipment must be worn when instructed or as outlined within your SSMP or SWMS.
3. All safety signs and directives MUST be obeyed.
4. Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited on the site at all times. Any worker who is under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol or impaired by medication will be denied entry to the site or removed immediately.
5. Workers must not have any alcohol or drugs in their possession or control at the workplace, except for: a. Drugs prescribed by a medical practitioner, or b. Non-prescribed medication (being over the counter medications).
6. Working areas are to be kept clean and free from trip hazards at all times. Cleaning on your behalf will be charged to your company.
7. All dangerous incidents or hazards are to be reported immediately to a member of the Workplace Health and Safety Committee/ Site Supervisor as the case requires.
8. Every worker is expected to assist in the promotion of safety on this site, including keeping the site clean at ALL times, and reporting of poor WHS practices.
9. WHS Induction Training for Construction Work must have been carried out and the certification uploaded where indicated.
10. Those without item 8, must notify the Site Supervisor and / or a General Site Safety Induction Course must be completed before working on this or any building site.
11. Workers whom are in constant exposure to the sun should use sunscreen, hats and appropriate eye-wear.
12. If the Avanti Projects building site is an operating Aged Care or Child Care facility, you are not permitted to work on this site without providing a Criminal History check to Avanti Projects prior to Commencing any work.


If you are unsure about or cannot comply with any of these conditions, please notify the Avanti Projects Supervisor prior to commencing ANY work. Select Yes Above to confirm this is understood.