Whelan Ave Chipping Norton

  • Location

    Chipping Norton

  • Client

    Jim Shi

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Contract Value

Design for demolition of existing dwelling, construction of two detached dwelling and torrens tittle subdivision


I feel blessed to reach out my realtor Josh when I needed to demolish an old house and redesign 2 brand new buildings on my lot. Because he has introduced two of the best professionals in the business to me. Vince and Sally are the best in the game and I found them hard working with instant response whenever I needed to contact them. Unlike many designers who are laid back and enjoy life too much without getting in front of their computer for months and unfortunately hired by me, I find the team at Avanti is highly efficient. It only took me 2 months to prepare all the documents for DA and that’s impresses me a lot. Now I am sitting tight and looking forward to using their assistance at the construction stage. My future is looking a bit brighter with them in my circle. – Jim Shi