Vince’s professional experience covers over 15 years within the construction industry delivering projects across the commercial, education, government and residential sectors.

Through hard work, commitment and genuine passion for the industry, Vince has been able to deliver successful projects and maintain long-standing relationships with his clients.



At Avanti, Sally is the Project Architect, responsible for fostering high performing project teams, enabling Avanti to deliver contemporary architectural solutions and outcomes for their clients. Extending over a 15 year professional career, Sally acquired extensive experience on various projects ranging from small to large scale residential, commercial and multi-unit projects right through all core architectural services.

Sally has successfully completed the National Program of Assessment through the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and is a registered architect in New South Wales.


Project Manager

Contracts Manager with 9+ years experience across multiple sectors of the construction industry from multi-residential, residential, commercial fit-outs, refurbishment projects and fire & life safety upgrades.

Luca is involved in tendering, estimating and take-offs for leads and tenders with the capacity to manage multiple concurrent small and large scale projects.

He has technical knowledge for construction methodologies, estimating, programming, IT skills, budgeting and forecasting.


Jnr Project Manager

Michael is currently in his 4th year of a Bachelor of Construction Management Degree at the University of Western Sydney.

He has been with Avanti Projects for over three years and has shown great progress and knowledge within his field.

Through his time with Avanti Projects, Michael has continually delivered projects on time and with the highest quality work.


Contracts Administrator

Andrew has joined the team at Avanti Projects. He has completed university with a degree in Construction Management at University of Western Sydney.

During the period of working Avanti Projects, he has gained more insight knowledge about the industry and is excited to continue growing with the company.


Contracts Administrator

Contract Admin with 2+ years’ experience across multiple sectors varying from commercial fit-outs, refurbishments and residential renovation, and new builds.

Mark is involved estimating and take-offs, negotiating and managing contracts, coordinating with legal terms, monitoring project performance, and ensuring communication between all stakeholders involved.

Mark has the capacity to manage multiple concurrent small projects. He has communication and negotiation skills, attention to detail, forecasting & budgeting.


Business Development Manager

Anh has recently joined the Avanti Projects bringing her passion for management to our growing team. Being results orientated, her goal is to increase Avanti’s market position and maximise opportunities for the company’s financial growth.

Anh possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills, which has been evident in our increased exposure on all social media platforms.


Site Manager

Robert Furfaro has extensive knowledge of the hydraulic and roofing trades, with experience in other trades such as carpentry and cladding systems.

As Site Manager, Robert is hands on and has good relations with his clients and sub-contractors at all stages of the projects.


Site Manager

Renato has been working as a Site Manager and Leading Hand for 7+ years, as well as having years of experience overseas.

Renato excels at client communication and is always driven to deliver the best experience throughout the project.

He pays great attention to detail and is always willing to put in as much effort and work as needed to ensure a smooth project delivery.


Site Manager

Luc’s extensive experience of over 20+ years in the construction industry, speaks to his expertise and proven track record.

In his capacity as Site Manager, Luc’s hands-on approach ensures exceptional quality and continuous production at all project stages.

Luc’s vast knowledge and experience contribute to effective project management and successful outcomes.

Sam Ortado

Site Manager

Sam, a highly capable Site Manager, brings a wealth of expertise encompassing all facets of construction.

With an impressive track record spanning over 25+ years, Sam is a results-oriented individual well-versed in overseeing multi-million dollar projects, including Class 2 units and various other commercial infrastructure.

As Site Manager, Sam takes a hands-on approach, effectively coordinating and managing subcontractors to ensure unwavering commitment to quality and continuous productivity.

George Deeb

Site Manager

With extensive knowledge of the carpentry and building, George contributes to the successful delivery of projects through his commitment to quality and attention to detail.

In his capacity as Site Manager, George actively engages in every aspect of the project, fostering strong relationships with clients and sub-contractors throughout its various stages.


Site Labourer

Cristian is a construction management student gaining hands-on experience as a labourer.

By actively participating in physical tasks and observing seasoned professionals, Cristian is enhancing his understanding of construction processes. With a proactive mindset and a commitment to learning, he aims to merge theoretical knowledge with real-world application, ensuring he’s well-prepared to excel in the construction industry.